Sharmie Silva


Ms. Silva is the Middle School Counselor at KCIA. She is passionate about working with teens, and helping to support them in their overall emotional, social and academic growth journeys. She hopes to be instrumental in guiding students toward a life path that is happy, healthy, balanced, stable and fulfilling.


Ms. Silva has been with SCUSD for 20 years, wearing many hats, and with KCIA for the past 9 years. She has an LCSW, holds a Master’s in Social Work (SFSU), a CLAD Single Subject Credential/BA in English (UC Berkeley), and a PPS Credential in both School Counseling and School Social Work.  


Among her varied roles as an educator, she has been an English Teacher (middle & high school), a School Social Worker and a School Counselor.  But, one of her favorite roles was starting out her 2021 school year as the KCIA Spanish Teacher for a brief stint.  Even though her Spanish is limited, she really enjoyed being back in the classroom and getting to know her middle school 7th graders. They are now 8th graders, and Ms. Silva feels she has a closer overall connection with her 8th graders after having spent a month with them every day in the classroom. 


This solidified her belief that the School Counseling role would be best optimized and impactful if it became a daily course offering; such as an elective class where students were taught social/emotional lessons, life skills, college & career information, prevention education, etc.