Cristina Jordan


Cristina Jordan has been the librarian at Kit Carson since 2009. She loves helping students find just the right book!  One of her favorite things to share is how to access all of the incredible resources through the Sacramento Public Library. In her own time, one can almost always find Ms. Jordan reading in her backyard. She loves to go walking with friends, hiking with her family, and having people over to share the food that she enjoys cooking and baking. She is so grateful for California’s abundance of beautiful produce!

Phonvilay Kham-Avone
RSP Math


bout Me: If you haven’t noticed, I am the tallest teacher on campus…Ok J/K, I just walk tall! My name is Phonvilay Kham-Avone. I live with 3 of my boys, Kouzion (21), Coco(105),  and Lucky (14).

I am a serious foodie and I enjoy playing candy crush on the weekends. Come find me in D-5 and we can get on that sweet streak! I’m on Level 8601…Beat that! 


Jed Larsen


I feel like a vital, relevant, and influential part of my family and community. Regardless of the class I am teaching, I hope to promote these same beliefs in my students. We learn the past, investigate our world, and derive meaning so that we feel empowered to build community. Through community, we promote the freedom, safety, and happiness of every person.

Brian Sandoval


My name is Brian Sandoval. I am the ASES Program Manager at Kit Carson International Academy. I was born and raised in South Sacramento. My educational background is in English-Writing. I have two teen daughters , two dogs and a bird. I started my Career in the United States Army, and went on to government contracting along with a host of other related jobs. I have been working in education for the past six years. I started off working as a paraeducator , and eventually moved on to be a team Leader for ASES and recently promoted to Program Manager.